Andrew Harper

Senior Web Designer 2013 - Present
Web Design Project Management Content Production

Andrew Harper has been writing undercover travel reviews for over 30 years. Today the company includes a luxury travel agency and travel deals website. I lead a small team that helps run, a site that receives over 1 million visits per year. My job involves art direction, user interface design, coding, email marketing, writing and multimedia content production.


Andrew Harper was built from the gorund up on a custom Django based CMS. I helped oversee the conversion from an older Drupal install to the new platform.


Project Management & Organization

Soon after starting, I was tasked with replacing our outdated company Basecamp, and replacing it with the Podio project management system. This involved reviewing our current systems, interviewing people within the company about desired functionality, creating documentation and running a number of hands on training sessions.

I was also asked to help redesign our old cubicle-based office layout, in favor of something more open. I charted out common relationships within the different teams to find the most optimum placement of desks within the physical space.

Content Production

Every month I art direct both a photo editor and web producer to produce The Hideaway Report online as well as create travel content for our blog on an ongoing basis. I also write articles and film and edit video content for the web.

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